Senin, Februari 25, 2008


I watched this movie two days ago on PIM 2. Unfortunately, I just watched alone with no companion. :D Anyway, this movie told about a monster attacking New York City meanwhile a small group of people were involved in a party.

All scene of the movie was told from the point of view of this small group of people. It's just like they experienced the real experience and record it using their camera. And what we saw is what they had recorded. Cool and nice. I've never seen a movie like this. Because the movie itself came from their camera, it gave a real impression though it also gave an unprofessional impression anyway. Some scene were blur and not focus.

Overall, I liked the plot and the way these small group of people telling the whole story. I just feel a little bit disappointed on how the movie concluded. Yeah... Sad ending. The main characters finally killed by the piles of the bridge they hide on. And the monster was just another part. The monster existence remained hidden and mysterious. I remembered, just as the movie was concluded, the visitors on the theater seemed reluctant to leave. Still didn't believe that the movie was ended. Hahaha

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  1. english euy!! i'm sorry you must watch the movie by yourself, i knew that girl is not for you.... wakakakakak.... t**i, why you let eko watch the movie just by himself? what matter on earth that is more important than accompany eko?? :) puasssssss.....

  2. Sometimes.. I'm a little bit happy to hear this. At least.. What I had expected before was fulfilled. It passed as if it followed my plan.. Hihihi.. Sorry friend, just used you as a bait...