Senin, Februari 18, 2008

Organizing My Life

It has been about more than six months since I decided to manage everything on my life. I began to write my plan, my financial plan, and anything else. It's so funny to do this sort of things. Though I didn't really know whether it would make me feel better. I just didn't want to miss such a trivial thing on my life. In other words, I can say I manage to record everything passed on.

In my workplace, I manage everything laid on my desk. Make me more comfort when I do my job here. I feel so delightful every time as I did what I had planned before. I know, it's just a little thing everyone can do. But for me, I believe a little thing could even make a difference in my life. I've got to focus to the bigger problem I faced. But, in my opinion, I have also taken heed to the smaller problem as well as the bigger problem.

The most important thing to remember on planning is about how to transform our plan into reality. Sometimes, we planned to many things to do on a particular time. So it seemed that our plan is not realistic and unachievable. Don't make yourself immersed on creating more and more plan to do. Think about it's time frame. Is it affordable or not. I guess making a plan is the most interesting part. And I could easily forget to assess whether I could finish the plan or not.

It's so funny, making a plan is like creating a cron for myself. I put a note about everything I would do. And I commit the plan on specified time as it described on my schedule. Sometimes I feel I was like a machine, doing everything properly in sequence due to the given commands. But, at this time I wrote this article, I had found something worth. My life became organized and well planned.

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