Selasa, Maret 25, 2008

The 7th Fool Day

It was a fool day, seven years ago, when my best friend and me decided to name it Fool Day. I have no idea why we named it so. By the time before it was named, my friend and I used to fool each other. On 9th March 2001, there was something really really made me like a fool, and of course I can't mention it here. Hehehe...too shameful to explain. Let my friend I keep it ourselves :P

Every year, I would remember the day. It's kind of celebrating it. After graduating from senior high school, I never celebrated it any longer. But sometimes, I bought something on the day, so later, I would always remember that the stuff I purchased was intended to mark the celebration of the Fool Day.

Four years ago, when I was on my second year in the university, I bought a doll. A doll in Eeyore shape, one of the Winnie The Pooh character colored in dark blue. In my perspective, Eeyore was lazy, shy, lack of determination, and clumsy. Somehow, I felt it reflected my own character, especially on its shy character. I still remember, I purchased it using money I got from the fee of my first project. It worth 99.000 rupiahs. Afterward, this Eeyore always accompany me. It has journeyed from the desk of my boarding house, then on my working desk in my campus, and at last, right now, I put it on the desk in my office, next to my computer. What a childish thing.

And at last, my childish character continued to appear. The last 9th March, I purchased a jigsaw puzzle of Snoopy, and two pencil cases (also containing the pencil itself, rubber, ruler, and scissors) in light blue and pink color. The pink one was intended for my friend. Previously, I intended to buy one, the blue one only, but my friend found out my plan, so she ask me to buy the pink one for her. Yeah.. I couldn't refuse her request for she always carry well and kind to me.

Furthermore, I take only the pencil case, since I didn't need the remaining stuffs (pencil, rubber, etc). Frankly, I needed something to put my cell phones on. I wish I could get the Snoopy's cell phone case. But it was rarely sold. And I have no idea whereabouts I could find and purchase Snoopy's collections and accessories stuff. Since I have no time to look around and the most important thing was the date I bought the stuff.

How childish I was. But sometimes, felt like a child was cool and relaxing. Relieving distress and strain on the office. Hehehe... Now, I put the pencil case next to my Eeyore, and later, I'm going to fill my desk with more childish things. Lets see..

Sabtu, Maret 22, 2008

The Holiday,

I love holiday. This is the last day I stay in my beloved city, the place where I was born and spent my childhood. I have been staying for 5 days, since Tuesday. This is Saturday, I'm going to leave this evening using train.

During my visit, I spent most of my time with sleeping and reading some books. Yesterday, I finished reading 'Ayat-ayat Cinta' novel. It took no more than one day to finish it. Meanwhile, I have been reading The Amber Spyglass since I traveled to Tulungagung on Monday.

I couldn't go anywhere because the weather was not good as I had expected. On the morning, it seemed everything would be alright for it was clear and bright. At evening, it turned cloudy, dark, and rain. Fortunately, at night, the rain was faded. My family and I usually went around to get some food for dinner.

After all, I felt disappointed with myself. I failed to do something I had planned before. The thing I mostly coveted on the long holiday like this is contemplating. It was the right time for me to think deeply about my life itself. I usually decided what I had to do next, dealing with my short and long term life-planning. I evaluated my achievement as well. I missed it this time, and regret it. I had barely enough time to think clearly and make myself comfortable to do it for I had been busy reading books. Furthermore, I haven't been so good since I arrived here.

I love this place, and I will always miss it. I conceive I could stay beneath its bright sky. Gazing the different tints of flowers planted by my grandma on the yard. I'll gaze it one by one, admiring the most beautiful things in this world beyond women indeed. This is the place where I plan to spend the rest of my life in the future.

Rabu, Maret 19, 2008

I Hate It..

Hmm... Have you ever thought about leaving your office for absence while you had several and might be so many task need to be done? It's not a good idea I think. But, sometimes, you just need to do so, for example, for my case, I left for absence because I had to attend something dealing with my family affairs.

Fortunately, I have an access to enter my office network using my beloved N70 handset. So, I can work remotely. I can be able to settle my tasks even when I'm far away from my office as long as my handset is on GPRS coverage area. It'll be better if I'm on 3G coverage area, but I think, 2G only is enough as long as the connection is stable. I just need to be more patient when I'm on 2G only coverage area.

Because of my family affair, I could only connect to my office network at night. Because, everyone had fallen asleep. I won't disturb them then. Last night, I was working on my tasks. Downloading and reading my email from my beloved email client, thunderbird. Doing somethings which are asked by another department on my office as it written on email. I've several tasks to do. As I finished my second tasks, the connection became unstable. From the network information, my N70 kept sending requests while it had no response in return. I thought my N70 was in problem. So I restarted the handset. Few second after my handset restarted, I startled, I gazed unblinkingly, half-unbelievable,... Yeah.. my N70 was out of network service area. I didn't understand why it was so sudden. Some crazy thought came into my mind.. It might be, there was someone stealing something from the nearest BTS and by mistake, shut down the BTS. Cool eh? Or it might be, the operator's network technician or it's vendor or whatsoever it called, had shut the BTS down temporarily. Meanwhile, they're upgrading the BTS into a Node B BTS (3G BTS). Hehehe.. Just daydreaming again.

Finally, after waiting for about one hour, at last the network coverage back to normal. I got full signal on my handset. Next, I did everything need to be done as quick as I could. Unfortunately, my dream didn't come true. The coverage area didn't turn into 3G as I had expected before. Hhh... I need some rest here. Cooling down my brain, from my business in Jakarta... But, I hate it after all. My journey to my beloved city, Tulungagung, had turn in vain I supposed. It's no different than I work on my office. It's just carrying my job right here where I am. I can't conceive how many tasks need to be done when I've come back to Jakarta this week end. T_T

Kamis, Maret 13, 2008

Subtle Knife

I had been taking about 3 weeks for me to finish this book. The Subtle Knife is second sequel of His Dark Material, a novel written by Philip Pullman. It's a great novel even it doesn't explain satisfying conclusion. The conclusion of the whole story would be mentioned on the last sequel, Amber Spyglass which I hadn't read it yet.

On this book, Lyra continued her journey. She passed through the way to another world as had been told previously on The Golden Compass. Here, she met Will who discovered incidentally a doorway to the world Lyra had passed through.

The story continued.. Telling some conflicts before they finally found the Subtle Knife. It's a powerful knife. It could only work if it used by the bearer. Will was the bearer. The knife was able to cut anything in the world, including the smallest particle of matter and the most hardest thing in the world. It could make a 'window' used as a doorway to pass through between world.

On the other hand, Lyra's father, Lord Asriel was creating a formidable fortress and preparing a huge and enormous armies against the Authority. I conceive the Authority itself is God. So crazy, irrational, and insane. It told about rebellion of the angels. How could? Inconceivable how Philip Pullman could have this idea to his book.

Anyway, Lord Asriel armies wouldn't be able to defeat the Authority even its huge armies and formidable fortress unless he could obtain the Subtle Knife itself which means Will had to join his armies. It wasn't mentioned what's the reason this Subtle Knife could become the key to defeat the Authority. I believed, every undiscovered part of the first and second book would be answered on the last one. Ahh.. It is so tempting to read the Amber Spyglass. I'm a little bit curious about the conclusion of the whole story.

Back to the story.. There were Lee Scoresby, aeronaut who decided to find Stanislaus Grumman who knew something about the Dust. Moreover, as the story ran, it became obvious that Grumman came from different world who initially didn't have a daemon. Grumman was Will father who lost in the arctic when discovering it. He intuitively passed the 'window'. And because the landscape of his world and the new world were basically same -everywhere he saw, it was just only snow-, he didn't realize when he passed through it. Next, he couldn't find the way back to his world. In his new world, he got his daemon and became a shaman.

Finally Lee met Grumman and he was startled as he realized he came to Grumman because Grumman had summoned him using Navajo ring. Nice.. :P Here.. Grumman had waited Lee Scoresby to accompany him finding the knife bearer. He supposed to tell the knife bearer what to do. So, both of them teamed up and cross the world where the Ci'gazze was in.

Meanwhile, Lyra's mother, Mrs. Coulter were seeking Lyra. She, accompanied by Lord Boreal who lived in the same world as Will did, but he came from Lyra's world. While Mrs. Coulter was seeking Lyra, Lord Boreal was seeking for the Subtle Knife. I have no idea about what they did. As far as I know, the book don't mention what Mrs. Coulters purpose was on seeking Lyra, even from book one. Somehow, I was puzzled yet, why Lord Boreal desired the knife. Even I knew how powerful it was, it wasn't explained (as I know so far) what Lord Boreal would do if he had got the knife.

Morover, the queen witches, Serafina Pekkala was seeking Lyra as well, for in her witches world, this child would determine the whole world's destiny. She was so important that Mrs Coulter would seek her passionately. Because of the prophecy, Serafina Pekkala would help Lyra, following what the alethiometer told her. At last, she met Lyra when she and Will needed some help for both of them were pursued ferociously by the children of Ci'gazze and they wanted to kill both of them. Next, the queen witches found them and helped them.

At the end of the Book Two, Lee Scoresby was dead defending against the Imperial Navy Army who chased him through the doorway. Finally, Will met Grumman. As Grumman recognized Will was the bearer knife, he told Will what to do with the knife. He had to go to Lord Asriel and told him that he had the one weapon he needed above all others. They met in darkness so Will couldn't recognize his father. As soon as he could see Grumman's face, he recognize that he was his father who was so far he had been seeking to. As he recognize his father, Grumman was killed by one of the witch who used to loved him but he neglect her love which was on the witch point of view, it's the same as a scorn to her. Anyway, not long after killing Grumman using her arrow, she committed suicide using her own knife. Then, two angels visited upon him. Spoke to him that they need to bring him to Lord Asriel. But, Will wouldn't go without Lyra. Unfortunately, he couldn't find Lyra. I guessed, Mrs Coulter had found her and kidnapped her. Yeah.. It's the conclusion. I'm not satisfied about it and I'm eager to know what the story after that. Hhh.. I estimated, I could finish the third book in one month..

Selasa, Maret 11, 2008

Everything didn't go as I planned

How cruel it is when you had managed to plan something carefully and perfectly but finally it all went out of the way you planned. And it just happened to me. So irritating and dismaying. Today, I wanted to go home early. Wanna take a rest a little more, for previous weekend, I slept lately. Immersed on playing game and watching football match. So, if my plan worked, I would be at home on 7pm. Took a bath, and then I could continue reading The Subtle Knife novel which I've read through the half of the book.

Cool then eh? When finally in the afternoon I realized I had something more work to finish by today. And I didn't expect I would delay it until tomorrow. Earlier, I noticed it an easy job. I just need to create a document explaining about new service on the system. After the time passed by.. I realized that the document itself contains flow and diagram. And it took a little bit more time to do. And the worst was, creating document is not my skill. I'm not too good on doing something dealing with something named document :P. Yeah.. and it went not as good as I expected. I ran out of words to compose the document. Can you believe it, I need more than two hours to compose such a document???? It's horrible.

Later, it came another task to do. I had requested several log data to analyze. And today, I received these data and it need to be analyzed soon. And I don't want to postpone it. After finishing the document, I began to copy it to other machine which is responsible for analyzing the data. The data were quite large. I guessed it cost about 1.5 GB on total size. And the problem was, I didn't notice it. So when at last I need the data to be analyzed, I had to copied it first using FTP to another machine in order to analyze it. And damn.. it took so long. Because the LAN cable I plugged on my laptop can only support 10 Mbps transfer. Huhuhu... I rued I didn't copy the data at once as I received it.

And the last thing, another bad news, my housekeeping task I had done last week was not worked as I expected. Even I had cleaned and deleted all the recycle number from subscription database. it didn't affect the overall system performance. I just analyzed some of the data and noticed that the number of error I expected to be decreased was still high. I don't know why and I've no idea about it. Perhaps, tomorrow I'll report it to my manager and I suppose, he will bid me to delete all the number which received the error as I described before. I expect it. Cool.. Hope.. tomorrow everything will go as well as I've planned today.