Selasa, Maret 25, 2008

The 7th Fool Day

It was a fool day, seven years ago, when my best friend and me decided to name it Fool Day. I have no idea why we named it so. By the time before it was named, my friend and I used to fool each other. On 9th March 2001, there was something really really made me like a fool, and of course I can't mention it here. Hehehe...too shameful to explain. Let my friend I keep it ourselves :P

Every year, I would remember the day. It's kind of celebrating it. After graduating from senior high school, I never celebrated it any longer. But sometimes, I bought something on the day, so later, I would always remember that the stuff I purchased was intended to mark the celebration of the Fool Day.

Four years ago, when I was on my second year in the university, I bought a doll. A doll in Eeyore shape, one of the Winnie The Pooh character colored in dark blue. In my perspective, Eeyore was lazy, shy, lack of determination, and clumsy. Somehow, I felt it reflected my own character, especially on its shy character. I still remember, I purchased it using money I got from the fee of my first project. It worth 99.000 rupiahs. Afterward, this Eeyore always accompany me. It has journeyed from the desk of my boarding house, then on my working desk in my campus, and at last, right now, I put it on the desk in my office, next to my computer. What a childish thing.

And at last, my childish character continued to appear. The last 9th March, I purchased a jigsaw puzzle of Snoopy, and two pencil cases (also containing the pencil itself, rubber, ruler, and scissors) in light blue and pink color. The pink one was intended for my friend. Previously, I intended to buy one, the blue one only, but my friend found out my plan, so she ask me to buy the pink one for her. Yeah.. I couldn't refuse her request for she always carry well and kind to me.

Furthermore, I take only the pencil case, since I didn't need the remaining stuffs (pencil, rubber, etc). Frankly, I needed something to put my cell phones on. I wish I could get the Snoopy's cell phone case. But it was rarely sold. And I have no idea whereabouts I could find and purchase Snoopy's collections and accessories stuff. Since I have no time to look around and the most important thing was the date I bought the stuff.

How childish I was. But sometimes, felt like a child was cool and relaxing. Relieving distress and strain on the office. Hehehe... Now, I put the pencil case next to my Eeyore, and later, I'm going to fill my desk with more childish things. Lets see..

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