Selasa, Maret 11, 2008

Everything didn't go as I planned

How cruel it is when you had managed to plan something carefully and perfectly but finally it all went out of the way you planned. And it just happened to me. So irritating and dismaying. Today, I wanted to go home early. Wanna take a rest a little more, for previous weekend, I slept lately. Immersed on playing game and watching football match. So, if my plan worked, I would be at home on 7pm. Took a bath, and then I could continue reading The Subtle Knife novel which I've read through the half of the book.

Cool then eh? When finally in the afternoon I realized I had something more work to finish by today. And I didn't expect I would delay it until tomorrow. Earlier, I noticed it an easy job. I just need to create a document explaining about new service on the system. After the time passed by.. I realized that the document itself contains flow and diagram. And it took a little bit more time to do. And the worst was, creating document is not my skill. I'm not too good on doing something dealing with something named document :P. Yeah.. and it went not as good as I expected. I ran out of words to compose the document. Can you believe it, I need more than two hours to compose such a document???? It's horrible.

Later, it came another task to do. I had requested several log data to analyze. And today, I received these data and it need to be analyzed soon. And I don't want to postpone it. After finishing the document, I began to copy it to other machine which is responsible for analyzing the data. The data were quite large. I guessed it cost about 1.5 GB on total size. And the problem was, I didn't notice it. So when at last I need the data to be analyzed, I had to copied it first using FTP to another machine in order to analyze it. And damn.. it took so long. Because the LAN cable I plugged on my laptop can only support 10 Mbps transfer. Huhuhu... I rued I didn't copy the data at once as I received it.

And the last thing, another bad news, my housekeeping task I had done last week was not worked as I expected. Even I had cleaned and deleted all the recycle number from subscription database. it didn't affect the overall system performance. I just analyzed some of the data and noticed that the number of error I expected to be decreased was still high. I don't know why and I've no idea about it. Perhaps, tomorrow I'll report it to my manager and I suppose, he will bid me to delete all the number which received the error as I described before. I expect it. Cool.. Hope.. tomorrow everything will go as well as I've planned today.

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