Sabtu, Maret 22, 2008

The Holiday,

I love holiday. This is the last day I stay in my beloved city, the place where I was born and spent my childhood. I have been staying for 5 days, since Tuesday. This is Saturday, I'm going to leave this evening using train.

During my visit, I spent most of my time with sleeping and reading some books. Yesterday, I finished reading 'Ayat-ayat Cinta' novel. It took no more than one day to finish it. Meanwhile, I have been reading The Amber Spyglass since I traveled to Tulungagung on Monday.

I couldn't go anywhere because the weather was not good as I had expected. On the morning, it seemed everything would be alright for it was clear and bright. At evening, it turned cloudy, dark, and rain. Fortunately, at night, the rain was faded. My family and I usually went around to get some food for dinner.

After all, I felt disappointed with myself. I failed to do something I had planned before. The thing I mostly coveted on the long holiday like this is contemplating. It was the right time for me to think deeply about my life itself. I usually decided what I had to do next, dealing with my short and long term life-planning. I evaluated my achievement as well. I missed it this time, and regret it. I had barely enough time to think clearly and make myself comfortable to do it for I had been busy reading books. Furthermore, I haven't been so good since I arrived here.

I love this place, and I will always miss it. I conceive I could stay beneath its bright sky. Gazing the different tints of flowers planted by my grandma on the yard. I'll gaze it one by one, admiring the most beautiful things in this world beyond women indeed. This is the place where I plan to spend the rest of my life in the future.

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