Rabu, Maret 19, 2008

I Hate It..

Hmm... Have you ever thought about leaving your office for absence while you had several and might be so many task need to be done? It's not a good idea I think. But, sometimes, you just need to do so, for example, for my case, I left for absence because I had to attend something dealing with my family affairs.

Fortunately, I have an access to enter my office network using my beloved N70 handset. So, I can work remotely. I can be able to settle my tasks even when I'm far away from my office as long as my handset is on GPRS coverage area. It'll be better if I'm on 3G coverage area, but I think, 2G only is enough as long as the connection is stable. I just need to be more patient when I'm on 2G only coverage area.

Because of my family affair, I could only connect to my office network at night. Because, everyone had fallen asleep. I won't disturb them then. Last night, I was working on my tasks. Downloading and reading my email from my beloved email client, thunderbird. Doing somethings which are asked by another department on my office as it written on email. I've several tasks to do. As I finished my second tasks, the connection became unstable. From the network information, my N70 kept sending requests while it had no response in return. I thought my N70 was in problem. So I restarted the handset. Few second after my handset restarted, I startled, I gazed unblinkingly, half-unbelievable,... Yeah.. my N70 was out of network service area. I didn't understand why it was so sudden. Some crazy thought came into my mind.. It might be, there was someone stealing something from the nearest BTS and by mistake, shut down the BTS. Cool eh? Or it might be, the operator's network technician or it's vendor or whatsoever it called, had shut the BTS down temporarily. Meanwhile, they're upgrading the BTS into a Node B BTS (3G BTS). Hehehe.. Just daydreaming again.

Finally, after waiting for about one hour, at last the network coverage back to normal. I got full signal on my handset. Next, I did everything need to be done as quick as I could. Unfortunately, my dream didn't come true. The coverage area didn't turn into 3G as I had expected before. Hhh... I need some rest here. Cooling down my brain, from my business in Jakarta... But, I hate it after all. My journey to my beloved city, Tulungagung, had turn in vain I supposed. It's no different than I work on my office. It's just carrying my job right here where I am. I can't conceive how many tasks need to be done when I've come back to Jakarta this week end. T_T

4 komentar:

  1. Asslm..
    salam kenal mas Eko,
    anaknya tante Mila bukan?
    saya Luthfi,
    tante Mila ngasih tau blognya mas. So,sekalian ja sya sapa..
    Lgi sibuk2nya yah..
    yang semangt yah..
    even a small butterfly can cross an ocean..


  2. Wa'alaikum salam

    Tante Mira maksudnya? Iya ini aku. Hehe..bgitulah. Lagi sibuk-sibuknya dan lagi pengen cuti karena ada urusan keluarga. Beruntung masih bisa ngerjain secara remote walopun di tengah desa kayak bgini. Selama ada akses internet mah, beres lah :D

    Btw, kamu punya blog ndak?


  3. Eiya, tante Mira.
    Maaf ya tante.. ^^
    duh, canggih yah??
    Ufi mana ngerti pake 3G gitu.
    Ufi PERNAH punya blog, waktu tu dalam rangka ujian praktek TIK di SMA. ;p
    Sekarang ngga punya.. T_T
    ada sih friendster.
    Oiya, kenapa blognya pake b.inggris?

  4. Walah.. friendsterku malah udah lama banget nggak aku buka. Blog yg ini memang sengaja pake english. Itung2 buat belajar nulis. Hehehe... Blog yg sebenernya sih yang satunya lagi, cuma belum sempet aku update lagi aja.