Jumat, April 25, 2008

Being Alone

Last Saturday, I went to Kebun Raya Bogor. Alone of course. Sounds weird and awkward. But I did it. Perhaps people thought that I'm strange and unusual. I admit it, and enjoy it. In my opinion, sometimes people should go to their favorite place alone. Thinking deeply and contemplating. And I dare to say, it's normal. Nothing wrong with it.

There was a moment when I couldn't talk and share my mind with my friends. It was a moment to evaluate myself. Thinking about my dreams, how to achieve it, and how much my progress had advanced. Being alone made me feel free to plan. It opened my mind so I believe the ideas would come easily. I feel fresh since I tried to become closer to surrounding nature. Feel its silence and hear beautiful voices of birds singing on the trees. Enjoy the beauty of the blossom. Delight and charm my eyes with its vivid and colorful form. I couldn't feel better than this.

When the silence was so profound, I recalled my memories about what I had done before. What's my outstanding achievement and thought how to pursue it. I tried to recall all the wrong deeds I had done in the past. How cruel and miserable it were. I wish I wouldn't do the same in the future. Hhh.. Hopefully..

2 komentar:

  1. aslm,
    pakbr niy?
    Hmm, ke Kbun Rya sndiri?
    Sepi amat.
    G takut dculik? Bhaya. Hehe..
    Sounds fun,anyway.
    Jd inspirasi jg niy. Naek angkotnya gmana y? Hee..
    Lg byk kerjaankah?
    -uFi (^_^)v

  2. Wa'alaikum salam
    Kabar alhamdulillah baik, rada2 puyeng aja sih lagi banyak kerjaan di kantor.
    Btw, justru asik kalo pergi sendiri, bisa berpikir dengan tenang tanpa terganggu.. hehehe