Kamis, April 17, 2008

Possessed by Books

I can't remember for the first time when I began to spare some of my salary to buy a book. At this moment, buying some books is a must for me at the beginning of the month. I have managed to love reading. And now, I'm satisfied with it.

Reading could really make my brain thinking, imagining and conceiving even more deeply. I can say it helped me to understand and open my eyes wider so I could sense several problems with different point of views. Sometimes, it encourages me to do achieve my goals and blows an idea when I feel like no way out as well. When I read a deeply-touching stories or something majestic, it lift my heart up and cheer me up. It seems I have been being possessed by book. I guess, I can't life without reading book.

Until now, still I read several books at once. I mean, it's a kind of multi threading concept. If I had two or more unfinished books, I wouldn't read and finish the first one and then continue to read the second book. Instead, I would read the first one, and read the second one no matter whether or not I had finish the first one. Yeah, I try to keep my mind open and I don't want to be too focused on one book. In my humble opinion, each kind of books have different time to read. As my behavior in reading books, I usually read novel or anything which doesn't need profound thinking when I was on train, on my way to office or home. Some reading which is heavier in its content and need deep thinking, would be read on the evening before I went to the bed.

I wish, my habit would never change, by the means I want to keep buying books at the beginning of the month. And I'm quite sure, I can keep prioritizing in buying books over my other monthly expenses.

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