Selasa, Agustus 19, 2008

My Wish Comes True

A week ago, my manager called me to discuss a new mechanism to increase our division revenue. On discussion, I learned that Depsos nowadays begin to socialize a new rule of quiz permission. Since the beginning of this month, Depsos would restrict Content Provider to launch their quiz. I don't know whether or not this will be realized in reality.

Simply, I was quite happy to hear this news. Ah, eventually my wish came true. For most CP, I guess the quizzes existence would give them more and more revenues. In fact, there is some CP who can survive from quizzes. I could hardly believe it. In my opinion most quizzes held by CP are not educative. It tempt people to waste their money, teasing them with prizes. Only few amount of people would win the quizzes and the other will only become a 'victim' maybe after spending a lot of money in answering the questions on the quizes.

I also learned, quizzes is the most effective ways to gain more and more revenues. It was very very effective I guess. You even could be able to obtain more than one billion rupiahs on a month. And it was not gross revenue, it was the profit itself. You can guess how many peoples trapped in this game and wasted their money up to more than one billion in a month.

Most of all quizes are using subscription mechanism in which subscriber have to send some keyword to particular ADN to be registered on specific quiz. After registration process, subscribers would receive about one or two question everyday. CP would stop sending them question when they unregister to the same ADN they used to register. But sometimes, CP still be able to send them SMS if the subscriber is also registered on other service on the same ADN. This is the problem. In my opinion there are so many peoples outside who don't understand about this mechanism yet. They usually try to send some SMS using keyword they saw on advertisement on TV and magazine. After they realized that they would be charged on every SMS they received, they experienced a problem how to stop it, how to unregister it. The consequence of this circumstance is rapid growth of complaint received by customer services (call center).

I believe life is not a matter of money only. There are others aspect that should be taken as a consideration. CP should not make anything which is probable to harm customer. Perhaps, nowadays it's difficult to act honestly. Considering there are so many CP competing on the same field. As long as their intention is based on revenues, they'll do anything to generate it, even in wrong ways.

I wish, after this rule prevail, complaint addressed to customer service will decrease significantly. As far as I know, quizzes has generated a large amount of traffic everyday. So, prohobiting the quizzes means reduces traffic significantly. Hopefully, this prohobiting action will not create another hole. I don't know whether or not this prohobiting action will prevail absolutely. Absolutely means all SMS quizzes will be blocked. Or perhaps, Depsos will limit their action on issuing permission of quizzes operation. If so, then I'm afraid the CP will bribe Depsos to issue a permission of quizzes operation.

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