Senin, Oktober 27, 2008

SMS Please

I hate it, when I was in the middle of my activity - doing something that need some concentration, my phone rang. I lost my track on my work. And damn, it came from one of Content Provider's technical staff. I didn't answer the call. But I knew, there is something wrong. After my phone stopped ringing, I turned it off, and continued working on my interrupted job.

Two hours later, I finished my work and turned my phone on. Immediately, three messages came in. Yeah, one notification message - informed me that someone had called me during my phone was turned off, and two remaining messages came from the CP who previously called me. I replied it, said the problem has been followed up to IT guys and to wait. Because I have no access to the production server. So both he and me, can only wait and wait until our IT staff take an action. And after that, I didn't received any reply message.

Yup, that incident happened to me last Saturday night. It's not the matter about the guy who complained a problem on our network. It's the matter on how he conveyed his complaint. It was on weekend, and it's my holiday. So, for any urgent matter like that, I hate if someone called and rang my phone just only to talk about my job in my office, especially when it's related to a problem. I really appreciate when someone send me a short message to deliver his complaint. Of course, this rule is only applicable on my weekend and holiday, except it came from my colleagues in my office. Hehehe

Why do I hate it? First reason is, it really bother me, especially when I was in the middle of something that I need my mind to be focused. I usually do not let my phone far away from me. So I would notice when there was any incoming message. It's enough to inform me that there was something wrong

Second, I expect our partner appreciate my time on weekend. In my opinion, calling somebody else just only to talk something related to their job is categorized as an impolite manner. Weekend is a time when people should free themselves from their work. Therefore, when we want to 'trouble' someone else, it's better to SMS instead of making a phone call.

Third, SMS make me possible to reply it later. Unlike a phone call which interrupted our activity when we answer it, a SMS could be opened and replied later. It is flexible and do not interrupt our activity except its ringing tone. :P

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