Selasa, November 04, 2008


On Sunday afternoon, I noticed an interesting status on my YM. It came from one of my friend. It said: "Can't do any activity but net-ing, why there'll always be one day like this every month". Surely, I didn't know what it simply means in my friend's point of view. I don't want to judge anything. It was so interesting for me because it reflected and depicted the life I experienced at the end of last week. And I suppose, my real condition is even worse.

It is different when you said between "I couldn't do any activity" and "I didn't do any activity". Could not means, you were not able to do something, but basically you want to do it. But because you had something else to do, you had to prioritize it first and then you did the thing you desired to do. At least, at this circumstance, you have a will.

If you said "I didn't do any activity", in my opinion, it senses like you were not able to do something because you didn't know what you're supposed to do. It sound like a moron right? I said: you didn't know anything to do. What you've done is nothing at all and it's all useless.

I have been busy, but busy for nothing. I did a lot of things, but it's all useless (of course all of this refer to my opinion). I did not make any progress. It's really really disappointed me. My progress is even slower. And frankly, in my conclusion, my overall performance on last week was even worse compared to a week before.

Why it is so easy to be tempted by something. Which is not all of these things were good for me. Even I knew it's not good for me, but eventually I did it. Is it so odd to hear that someone did something useless, even he knew it was bad for him? I must have lost my mind then.

I wish, this week, I could be better. Hope Allah will bless me to do anything useful in my life. I don't expect to do something useless. It will only waste my time. I hope, at least at the end of this week I can say: "I didn't do anything useless". Yup, you can translated what it means. It has more than one meaning, depends on your point of view in seeing and understanding the sentence.

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