Kamis, Februari 26, 2009

Am I aggressive?

I was surprised when I heard from a friend of mine that her friend which is also my friend said that I'm aggressive. I have no idea why someone can say that. I think, I'm not aggressive. I see myself as a shy and calm. Sometime, I talk a lot, but to people I've already known, not to  strangers. And usually I keep silent when I am in the middle of peoples. From my explanation, you can conclude that I'm an introvert, which is far from term aggressive.

OK. I'll try to explain it to make the problem clearer. Suppose in the past time you had ever liked someone or maybe you had fallen love to someone. And then you conveyed to her that you liked her. You told everything you need to explain to her. In this case, you don't need answer. Any answer wouldn't change anything as well. Assume, whatever the answer, it wouldn't impact you. It just like: nothing to lose.

Suppose that this someone was your friend at your office. Moreover, what you did was related with her. So everyday, you would deal with her. Since your confession to her, you tried to work professionally with her. You tried not to bring your personal matter to work, of course. When you talk to her, you don't say much, you speak as necessary. You tried to treat her like you treated the others. But she didn't treat you the same. Even you were friend before. She remained keeping a distance with you.

You tried to do everything to make a better relationship with her. You expected that she would treat you like she treated her friends. But everything you had done seemed didn't work at all. Perhaps she thought my action as an aggressive act. But I don't think so. What I have done to her, I did it too to my friends. This is a sample: If you have a friend who has facebook account, I'm sure that you will add him or her as your friend on facebook. Yeah, I did it, but she ignored it. Do this can be considered as an aggressive action? I don't think so. You do that to others as well.

And, at this moment, you heard from your friend that she judged you as an aggressive person. How could she say like that? So weird huh? I have no idea what she thinks about me. Is it so difficult to change her point of view of me and make a better relationship?

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