Selasa, Maret 10, 2009

9th March, 8th Fool Day - Mission Accomplished

Fiuh.. I have been waiting so long for this day. Today is Fool Day. My best friend and I declared 9 March as Fool Day 8 years ago. We had some reasons why we choosed 9th March. About 8 years ago, we always celebrated this Fool Day every 9th day of the month. What a silly job and didn't make sense.

Last year, on 7th Fool Day, I bought a Snoopy puzzle. What a lovely puzzle event it comprised only 300 pieces of puzzle. But I liked it, and right now, I can't find it in any store I know. It's rare and expensive because of its quality. I wish I could find it, but I didn't.

Several months ago, I intended to buy a wide lens for my Nikon camera. I felt, I should have one, because it would be very useful when I take a landscape photograph. I thought that I need a wide angle lens to fulfill my need. At the day, I decided to buy Sigma 10-20mm. I had enough money to buy it. But at the time I just had bought SB-600 speed light. I should spare my money and not to indulge my desire to buy and buy more accessories. Yeah, suppose it was a practice to make me more patient and more able to control myself. As time went by, I decide to buy Tokina 11-16mm because its build quality is better than Sigma though it's more expensive. Moreover, it has fix aperture size at F2.8.

So, after waiting for about 4 months, I buy Tokina 11-16mm equipped with Kenko Pro 1 CPL filter. It cost me more than 8 million. One thing I forgot to consider was the filter. I decided to buy an expensive filter because I wanted to try it. Peoples say thay CPL filter is a must, so I bought it. Cost me about 930 thousand. I thought the combination of this two gears is cool even I didn't try them at outdoor. Unfortunately, heavy rain washed Jakarta this evening, so I couldn't use it :(. And I'm not sure I have some opportunities to shoot until weekend.

As complement, I bought some snoopy stuffs. It was a pencil case, two magnetic sticker, and some another stickers which can be used for books, notebooks, bags, and so on. I will take all of this and put it on my desk at office. Yeah, everything placed up in my desk will be snoopy stuffs, eeyore doll, and a doll from my friend. I have no plan what kind of stuff I'm going to buy next year. But it seems, to purchase another snoopy stuffs next year is a must.

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