Minggu, Mei 24, 2009

The Cost of Waiting

I had a wish. One wish that kept me waiting and being patient to face anything beyond my control. It was worth to wait, until my wish turned into reality. Sometimes, I felt it was impossible even I had done my best. But I didn't care about the result. I believed, at the end, I would be able to take a conclusion from positive perspective.

What kind of wish it was? It's just a silly wish: Expecting someone to change. It seemed impossible, since changing someone's behaviour is out of my control. But I believed I could do it, even it would take me a years.

Developing a better relationship with someone who had lost her trust to me was quite hard to do. I did a mistake in the past which deteriorate my relationship with my friend. I had tried everything I could to make it better. But I always failed. I didn't give up at the time. In my conviction, I should not abandon what I had started. As time went by, I began to focus to other things, but of course I still kept that wish, but not in my priority list.

Eventually, few weeks ago, I sensed something was changing. Her cold attitude to me began to melt. At the time, I could believe this. How come? Now, my relationship was better than before. I could see the barrier between she and I began to disappear. It took more than one year to recover my relationship with her. I take a lesson from this experience: I can even change a thing that beyond my control. The key are: patience, strong willing, always keeps trying, and how long I can keep my wish to achieve my goal.

4 komentar:

  1. Both of u r my bestfriend, so if u need a help, just say it okay ^-^

  2. Thx for Ur attention. What kind of help do you offer for me? :P

  3. hmm, belum tau juga. But i'm thinking of some kind of mediation.

  4. Yeah, kayaknya nggak perlu mediasi lah. Case closed :P