Kamis, Juni 11, 2009

Can We Stop For A While?

It was a frantic day. Everyday is a frantic day. For this late month, everyone looks so busy with their own assignment. After my company made a great step to reorganize its structural organization especially on commerce directorate, everything was changed. Our leader challenges all of employees to make more profit by monetizing every opportunity regardless whether it is tangible or not.

For some reasons, I agree with statement above. We have to do our best to increase our revenue. As its impact, now everyone is busy: a lot of homeworks to be accomplished. For short period of time, it sounds good. But for longer period of time it triggers stress and other negative disorders.

Peoples sitting arround me now look so serious. A little mistake can trigger their negative emotion. They sometime express their displeasure or dissatisfaction of their own circumtance by complaining to themselves. I am quite sure that they don't realize that, but peoples around him would sense it. Moreover, they are more likely to speak dirty words. Even they looks usual and ordinary, but they can't hide their true expression.

The situation become worse and worse. Senior manager are challenged to make new innovative products to make more profit. They evaluate and break down the goals into smaller objectives and then pass it to their managers. Managers do the same and pass it to their staff. This means more works to be done. Because there are a lot of assignments to be done, all staffs should rearrange them and make a priority which assignment need to be done first. It means, some assignments would be placed on lower priority and would never be done, believe me.

This situation affects me as well. I can't focus on one assignment and completely finish if before I manage to solve another one. I have to finish several assignments at once, like a concept known as multithreading. But how much time need to be wasted just only to switch from one assignment to another one. But that's the problem: I have no time to ask and complain about this, what I have to do is finishing as many as I'm able to do.

So what's the solution? I think, our management should see this situation is not good for long period of time. Otherwise, perhaps all staffs in my directorate need to learn how to manage time efficiently in a proper way. Anger and emotion management could be added as an optional solution as well.

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  1. Setuju !!!!!

    IMHO, based on 7 habbits principes, we ought to make a report analysis. Try to describe our complains in a piece of paper and send it to the authorities. Whether they will dump it to the bin immediately or give a quick positive response, that's their business. At least, we became proactive to give them something to be eveluated. And, it'll be a whole lot better if we also describe the win-win solution for the company and the workers about this issue.

    Have I try it myself? Well, I'm working on it, since the restructure is still upcoming in my organization.

    Keep fighting, conscious and pray, my friend. We are part of the agent of changes *campus idealism*.

  2. I know that. I guess they know our problem. But as you see, they are so busy as well because they have lots of things to do. Win-win solution? Haha.. you're kidding. We are not living in an ideal world, aren't we? Too many unfairness here *I assume you know what my problem is*.

    We're supposed to be agent of changes, indeed. But I'm just trying to face that this world is not as sweet as we've imagined.

    The win-win solution is: I'm trying to manage the time efficiently, and go home as early as possible.

  3. Boleh juga. At least we're optimizing our time to work in the office. We, indeed, work to live, not live to work.

    Btw, mana nih postingan selanjutnya.

  4. Postingan selanjutnya mah ga usah ditungguin lah ;) Ntar juga tahu-tahu dah ada aja :P

  5. i thought the theme of this post is something related to latest issues. Such as Mano, Prita, etc. Consisting about your personal opinion to those. Guess I'm wrong :P

  6. Which post you're talking about? This post or my next post? Nope.. For those latest issue, I won't talk anything. Too sensitive..

  7. this post of course. Since in the beginning I just got the title, and I think I've been misinterpreted your words in the text (SMS). Hehe...

  8. I'm totally blank with your last comment. I don't understand what you mean. What is the relation between this post and the latest issues you're talking about.

  9. ah sudahlah lupakan saja :P